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Almost from its inception The BG Service Company began to focus on development of peripheral products as a way to reduce ignition problems. BG's innovative engineering has resulted in a portfolio of products that include the world's first single piece ¾"-20 shielded extension, the first coil adapter for integral coils, the first non-shielded Flashtite™ extension accepted by regulatory bodies in the Gulf of Mexico, the first non-metallic high tension leads to be approved by the Canadian Standards Association, the first FAA approved igniter lead for VLJ's (Very Light Jets), and a host of other cabling and connector products that improve engine performance and extend spark plug life.

Today BG is a leading designer and manufacturer of cable assemblies and connecting devices for gas engines - both reciprocating and turbine. Applications include industrial, automotive and aerospace.

Products include a wide range of spark plug extensions and primary & secondary ignition cables, turbine igniter leads, as well as cable assemblies and devices for control of signal processing. The company also manufactures industrial spark plugs using a proprietary silver-cast manufacturing process that results in optimum heat transfer and longer plug life. Products are marketed through a worldwide distribution network. Custom products and engineering services are sold directly to Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM's).

Product groups:

  • Industrial Sparkplugs with precious metal electrodes

  • Gas engine Ignition Leads, based on ceramic, PTFE and steel materials and applicable for standard and hazardous area’s that require product certification like CSA, UL, ATEX 

  • Gas turbine ignition leads 

  • Ignition service tools 

  • Spark plug installation tools 

  • Electric feedthroughs

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