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We are official dealer for HATRACO in France!


Already from the very beginning in 1985, Hatraco quickly became European distributor for a number of well-known manufacturers in the stationary gas engine business like Champion, TDI and Altronic.

In the early years of this millennium, Hatraco realized that European customers were in need of additional products that were not included in the portfolio of the represented, non-European, manufacturers. From that point on, Hatraco decided to try and produce added products to complement the existing trade program. The offered services slowly grew with new customized products and accessories.

Today, Hatraco’s own products make a serious part of the total business and it is consistently growing.  More and more products are internally developed and manufactured in house and they even start to find their way beyond the European borders and to the international manufacturers that we represent in Europe.

Manufacturing of add-on systems and components

With our dedicated group of employees we focus on products that can generate improved ignition efficiency and we also bring industrial solutions to the automotive world that often turn out to be very successful.

For the generator market, Hatraco makes custom ignition rail systems,  an extensive line of Sparkplug Cables, Teflon extensions and Cable Harnesses. Hatraco ignition rail systems have a standard method of construction and assembly but can still be customized to fit nearly any engine brand and model. Hatraco offers a large program of standard spark plug cables, based on a high quality PTFE (Teflon®) spark plug extension. In house production provides short lead times and a high grade of flexibility with respect to quantities, sizes, configurations and connector types. Extensions can be fitted with RFI reducing resistorized inserts. All extensions are being checked 100% on electrical conductivity and resistance value.

Product groups:

  • Hatraco Spark plug cables

  • Wire looms / harnesses

  • Control panels

Hatraco services:

  • Engineering and development

  • Production and design

  • Repair service

  • Onsite installation and commissioning

  • In-house and onsite training

  • Shipping

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