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DCL International Inc. is a global leader in the engineering manufacturing and of advanced emissions control technology for stationary and mobile industrial engines. Hatraco is proud to be part of the DCL sales network in Europe providing solutions to improve our environment. DCL products include oxidation and three-way catalysts, silencers, particulate filters, SCR systems and accessories are used worldwide in the material handling, construction, mining, gas compression and power generation markets.

Preserving and improving the quality of the air that we breathe

DCL’s dedicated industrial focus is quite unique in the emissions control industry. In order to meet the specialized needs of the industrial market, an integrated approach is adopted, bringing together product development, design, manufacturing and testing all under one roof. This single-source capability enables DCL to provide better engineered emissions solutions that deliver outstanding performance, longer life and lower cost of ownership. The superior product quality has made DCL the choice of customers around the world.

Recognized DCL International brands

Brand names from DCL include MINE-X®, MINE-X SOOTFILTER® and QUICK-LID®, all internationally recognized in the industry for quality and reliability. These products are sold in the aftermarket and as original equipment to many of the world’s off-road vehicle and engine manufactures. A number of DCL products have been certified, verified or reviewed by leading environmental agencies around the world.

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