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Exline, Inc. is a family-owned business with over 100 dedicated members. Founded in 1872, it is one of the ten oldest corporations in the state of Kansas. Over the years Exline has provided support to our government and military facilities, performing on-site repairs around the world. We have applied our efforts on behalf of the gathering, refining, compression, transmission, and distribution of petroleum products and natural gas, as well as the generation of electricity here and abroad.Exline provides manufacturing, repair, and service capabilities, supporting diverse industries -- such as printing, aircraft, plastics, agriculture, engineering, automotive -- plus the mining of coal, salt, gold, and many other industries. Exline is proud to have developed cooperative partnerships and close associations with companies throughout this spectrum.

Engine protection in all facets

Protection of the customer’s equipment is one of our major interests. Exline pneumatic safety devices have been doing just that for over 30 years. With the increased application of electronics and computers to control, monitor, alarm, and shut down equipment, Exline introduced a new line of electronic protective devices as well. For positive and efficient engine start-up, nothing can compare to the Exline Air Start Distributor. 


Many repairs to equipment have been pioneered and perfected within the factory walls or applied on site. Exline machinists and field service specialists continue to develop innovative ways to repair and improve existing parts and to manufacture new ones. 

Exline's thermal spray specialists provide ongoing engineering and development of our Thermex ® Services. From a 10 year guarantee against wear on compressor rods to brand new ThermalloyTM coatings for power cylinder bores, to DuraCoatTM applications for plastics compounding vessels and blades, Exline can produce product enhancement of the highest quality. With these technologies it is offering capabilities in repair, manufacturing, products and services that are unique in the industry. 

Hatraco offers extended services by means of the Exline Mechanical and Technical Service Division to provide qualified crews of mechanics and technicians to perform on-site engine, compressor and equipment overhauls. This service includes preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, device installations, and critical support. Even complete units can be brought into Exline’s large, well equipped shop. 

Nowhere else will you find this total commitment and capability in support of your industry's needs. We can offer pickup and delivery in most cases. All of us at Exline are dedicated to providing a personal effort and response in quality and service. We invite you to tour our facilities and Experience The Excellence only available at Exline!

Product groups:

Reciprocating Equipment

  • Repair & Manufacturing services

  • Field services

  • Foundation services

Protective Devices

  • Electronic Compressor Rod Drop Indicator

  • Compressor Rod Drop Indicator

  • Dual Sensor Assembly

  • Electronic Devices Stationary / Thermowell

  • Electrical Temperature Sensor

  • Electronic Trip Switch

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

  • Over Travel Indicator

  • Positive Flow Indicator

  • Roller Type Wear Detector

  • Vented Roller Type Wear Detector

  • Stationary Sensor

  • Stationary Striker Sensor

  • Striker Sensor

  • Thermowell

  • Trip Valve 

Plastic Technology

  • Heat Mixers

  • Cool Mixers

  • Mixing Toolblades

  • Wear resisting coatings

  • Component parts

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