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Since the beginning in 1958, Kenco Engineering Company has been recognized as a key supplier of instrumentation for various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, water and waste treatment. Kenco enjoys worldwide recognition with its line of Liquid Level Gauges, which are used as visual measurement devices in all kinds of tank gauging applications. Hatraco is proud to be Kenco’s European distributor on the industrial gas engine and compression market for many years.

Kenco’s Oil Level Controllers are the standard device worldwide for measuring and controlling the amount of lube oil consumed in stationary engines and compressors. An outgrowth of our position of leadership in this market are the rest of our Gas Compression Components.

Kenco Engineering Company’s main facility is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kenco also has a sales and warehousing facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which serves its customer base in the state of Louisiana. It is the company’s mission to provide products that conform to our customer’s requirements and deliver them on time at a competitive price. Kenco’s name represents quality to its vendors and to all valued customers.

Kenco was founded by Kenneth N. Mills in 1953.  Mr. Mills ran the company until his death in 1976. The company continues to be run by members of Mr. Mills’ immediate family. Since his death, the company has continued to grow and introduce new products. Kenco’s standard of excellence and commitment to quality engineering assures our customers of dependable equipment. We intend to maintain this tradition for the coming decades.

Product groups:

  • Oil level Controllers

  • Oil Level Switches

  • Fire Safe Valves

  • Low Flow Meter

  • Dump Valves

  • No Flow Safety Switches

  • Proximity Switches

  • Electric Float Switches

  • Pneumatic Float Switches

  • Oil Supply Tanks and Stands

  • Water Filler Cap Assemblies

  • Liquid Level Gauges

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