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Enerpulse has developed the first breakthrough in spark plug technology in 120 years. Using Precise Combustion Ignition Technology, the Pulstar plugs of Enerpulse are able to store energy from the engine’s ignition coil using a built-in capacitor and release this energy in a controlled and powerful spark during fuel ignition.

Megawatts versus Watts spark energy injection

Although Pulstar plugs look and install like conventional spark plugs, an Enerpulse manufactured Pulstar plug with PCI Technology delivers more than one million watt of power – against the average 500 Watts that is delivered by a traditional spark plug. It injects over five times more nergy into the fuel charge at the critical point of combustion. This enormous amount of energy available in the spark is creating the process of plasma ignition.

See what Pulstar plugs do on YouTube

A Pulstar plasma spark plug is not a conventional plug with a different electrode configuration, like others call their plasma plugs. Pulstar plasma spark plugs really deliver more energy to the spark. This is the only way to really create a plasma assisted combustion.

How does plasma ignition work? Check the video on YouTube and see for yourself what Plasma Assisted Combustion Technology with Pulstar plugs is capable of.  Click on this link or search YouTube for “How Pulstar Spark Plugs Work”.

Pulstar plug_spark.png
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