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Stitt was originally founded in Ohio in 1916 as the LaFrench Power Spark Plug Co. Later in 1918 the company was renamed Stitt Ignition Co. in honor of the first chief engineer, Benton Stitt. The company was bought in 1951 by A. R. Brenholts Sr.

By 1953, Stitt was supplying multiple electrode, long life spark plugs to stationary gas engine manufacturers for original equipment installation.Stitt found itself in a worldwide market for specialized spark plugs designed for use mostly in large stationary industrial engines fueled by natural gas.

In 1971 Stitt moved from Ohio to Texas because a major part of the company's business already existed in Texas where the big gas engines were used widely in production and transmission of oil and natural gas. In the same 1970 to 1980 Stitt began working with the major heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturers in Europe, in programs to convert some of their products to spark-ignited gas engines as pipelines made natural gas more available.

The successes of those programs with the upcoming gas engine market resulted in Stitt supplying it's specialized spark plugs as original equipment to major manufacturers of gas engines. Already for many years, Hatraco is the distributor in Europe and Russia for Stitt, selling its special spark plugs primarily for large industrial compressor driving gas engines and large bore integral compressors.

Stitt Spark Plug program summary

Today's Stitt Spark Plug Co. is one of the oldest continuously active spark plug manufacturers in the world and continues to improve its product line with innovative technologies.

The Stitt Spark Plug Program offers:

  • Standard Spark Plugs

  • Shielded Spark Plugs

  • Integral Spark Plugs

  • Precious Metal Electrode plugs

  • Special Long Barrel plugs for Large Gas Engines


In addition to its spark plug program there is a range of accessory products and tools available to improve the performance of the spark plug or the ignition system as a whole.

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